Bentley Bentayga S – latest version of its luxury SUV

Bentley unveils the latest version of its luxury SUV: the Bentayga S

The Bentayga family is expanding. In 2020, Bentley’s tough SUV was the English manufacturer’s most popular model, accounting for 37% of total sales, and Crewe doesn’t want to stop pampering it. When they revealed a few months ago that the factory had built its 200,000th car in its 101-year history, they did so by displaying a hybrid Bentayga.


The latest model of Bentley’s successful luxury SUV, the Bentayga S, has been unveiled, with the sporting essence of this version strengthened by amazing details that manage to keep the car’s unique look.

The Bentayga has undergone some adjustments for this iteration that can only be deduced from its appearance. On the outside, black features such as mirror housings and door trim, as well as a dark tint on windows and headlights, give the car a more aggressive look. The Bentayga S now features a redesigned spoiler that, in addition to looking good, helps the car’s aerodynamics.

The 22″ wheels, on the other hand, are available in silver, satin black, or black with gloss polish. They are available in silver as standard, however, the latter finish necessitates arduous hand polishing.

Inside, there are fresh stitching, varied seat arrangements, and the presence of materials like Alcantara, among other aesthetic touches. There are also ‘S’ inserts on the dashboard to indicate this variant, as well as a particular dashboard trim. A fully digital information panel, which can be personalized by the driver and is also visible in the Bentayga Speed, is also available.

Aesthetics aside, the Bentayga S features a 550-hp 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and achieve a high speed of 290 km/h. Additionally, the Bentley Dynamic Ride active stabilizer bars have been incorporated as a standard feature. It employs a 48-volt system to reduce lateral force and increase stability during cornering.

Torque Vectoring, which mildly brakes the inside wheel on corner entry to enhance its trajectory, has also been re-calibrated. With all of this, the automobile should be able to provide a livelier and safer driving experience. It will, however, have some off-road capabilities because of its 500mm wading depth and several driving modes for various terrain types.


Image: Bentley Motors 2021

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