Beovision Contour 55 by Bang & Olufsen

Beovision Contour 55 by Bang & Olufsen: A one-of-a-kind TV and music experience

Bang & Olufsen hopes to provide an even more immersive experience with its new television, which features a brand new 55-inch screen “the format


With this new high-end television, the brand that specializes in creating extraordinary high-tech products makes no secret of its ambitions: to develop a product that can become a true focus in the home, whether positioned in the living room, bedroom, or another living area.

The Beovision Contour is a classic and minimalist design that demonstrates the brand’s skill in this field. The aluminum frame that creates the outlines of the screen was designed in partnership with Danish designer Torsten Valeur and is the result of many months of work by many of the company’s engineers.

In order to immerse the spectator in a greater and more unique experience, the industry has realized that the image is no longer the primary concern: rather, it is the sound and aural immersion that distinguishes the many participants in the field.

With the award-winning 3-channel Dolby Atmos speaker technology, Bang & Olufsen is dedicated to make the sound experience even better as soon as you turn on the TV. Eleven strong speakers and amplifiers with improved bass up to 30 Hz are hidden behind the TV. Because of the 55 “The picture quality and sound quality of LG’s OLED screen are outstanding.

The TV is available in three colors to complement your decor: silver, charcoal black, and gold, all with fabric or wood veneer finishes. Meanwhile, the remote control is made of a single piece of metal.

Image: Bang & Olufsen


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