Birkin Bag For Sale

Birkin Bag For Sale

Here you’ll find the best stores that offer Birkin bags for sale. Buying a pre-loved or pre-owned birkin bag is one best choice for many birkin lovers. But why? Because Birkin Bag is an investment. It is even better investment than golds according to auction experts. Price of Birkin bags goes up as time goes by. One of Hermès Niloticus crocodile Himalaya Birkin 30 auctioned reached a selling price record of US$383,522 on November 2017 in Hong Kong.


However, there is a word of warning that accompanies purchasing a Hermes bag from a secondary source. The counterfeit market for these bags is thriving and unreliable auction sites are rife with fake Birkins and Kellys. There are even a high number of websites which claim to resell authentic Birkins, but actually send extremely convincing fake bags. It is therefore essential to use a trusted store when making the decision to purchase a Hermes bag online.

Here Are Some Professional Stores Online Offering pre-owned Birkin Bags For Sale

1. Fashionphile – was founded by Sarah Davis and named one of Forbes Magazine’s “Ten Female Entrepreneurs to Watch Is among the most trusted professional high-end consignment boutique in Carlsbad, California with showroom located in Beverly Hills California that sell authentic used Birkin Bags and many other designer luxury handbags. In 2017, Fashionphile was awarded 50 Best Workplaces by The Silicon Review.

birkin Bag For Sale fashionphile

Fashionphile Beverly Hills California – Image

2. Vestiaire Collective – is the world’s largest social shopping site that sell authentic pre-owned luxury bags. Over 3 million fashion lovers use Vestiaire to buy items from brands including Hermes Birkin Bag. Vestiaire is a french company created in and operates the first buy and sell online store dedicated to luxury in Europe.

Birkin Bag For Sale Vestiaire Collective

3. Moda Operandi Founded in 2010 with head office new york is an online luxury fashion retailer that allows customers to preorder looks directly from designers, immediately after their runway show. One of special boutique online wher you can find pre-loved Birkin bag for sale. Moda Operandi offers access to designer pieces that might not become available in traditional luxury retail stores.

Birkin Bag For Sale modaoperandi

Image modaoperandi

4. Farfetch is another online luxury fashion retail platform that offers Birkin bags for sale, over 700 boutiques and brands from around the world including Hermes Birkin bag. The company was founded in 2007 with its headquarters in London and main branches in Porto, Guimarães, Lisbon, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai and São Paulo. Farfetch has offices in 11 cities and employs over 2,000 staff

Birkin Bag For Sale farfetch

Image farfetch

5. Reebonz is one of the most established online luxury stores that sell pre-loved Birkin bag and many other luxury accesories. Reebonz sales companies in Southeast Asia consisting of over 300 staff, with business operations in eight countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia and South Korea. Members can shop on web or mobile for new and used luxury Bags.

6. Theluxurycloset – Based out of Dubai and founded by Kunal Kapoor in 2011, The Luxury Closet is a leading online boutique for buying and selling new and pre-loved luxury items like handbags including Birkin bags. With more than 16,000 unique items as part of their selection, Theluxurycloset feature top luxury brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more. They accept items and deliver globally.

7. Therealreal also offers Birkin bags for sale, Authenticated luxury consignment marketplace where you can buy luxury goods from top designers across women’s and men’s fashion, fine jewelry and watches, fine art etc. The RealReal offers international shipping to 61 countries. TheRealReal is one of the good luxury consignment having more than 60 gemologists, and brand authenticators who inspect thousands of items available online each day including Birkin Bags.

Things To Know Before You Buy A Hermes Birkin Bag

Buying a brand new Hermes Birkin bag is not easy if you are not a Hermes frequent customer or if you are not a famous celebrity or VIP personality with a purchase history of Hermes luxury items. It could be very hard to buy a brand new one because the demand for Hermes Birkin bags is so high. Most Hermes boutiques specially outside Paris have a purchase waiting list and the waiting list is usually very long from 6 months up to two years to get a Birkin bag because outside Paris most delivery of Birkin bags to international store happen only twice a year and when merchandise arrive at a store, it disappear like bubbles in couple of days.

The boutiques never know when a new shipment of Birkin Handbags will be delivered or how many they may get in which creates the exclusivity and shortage. Therefore, it can be difficult to buy a Birkin Handbag with a long waiting list that it will take you months even years to get your Birkin Bag.

Hermes stores prefer to only sell their bags to long time customers but If you really need a brand new one, You may try your luck by visiting a nearby Hermes store near you. Hermes stores usually don’t have any Birkin bag in stock. At the store they give an appointment and you may comeback the next morning for a talk. The system of appointment is like winning a contest because there are also many customers filling an appointment online but, If you are lucky you might get one without complication.

If you happen to be in Paris and you want a Birkin bag, visit the Hermès store there. You need an appointment online to step inside Hermes store. The Hermès Paris store is known to be less strict with their Birkin stock and you might have the opportunity to walk in and purchase a Birkin without have any extensive purchase history with Hermès. However, there’s no guarantee. Here you can send appointment request through your smartphone – Hermes Appointment Request

Most effective Recommendations to assist you get your own hermès Birkin bag

Many customer trying to get a Birkin bag directly at stores had encountered some kind of unpleasant experience for part of Hermes store personnel even you have full cash in hand ready to buy. You may even heard the famous and millionaire Oprah Winfrey was denied to Buy a $38,000 Handbag in Hermes Switzerland on 2013, though Swiss tourism office apologized to Oprah once it became news.

1. Be Awesome – Act pleasantly, don’t be rude, avoid dealing with sales associates like you are talking with your long time friend. Give a little friendly respect.

2. Don’t overdress to impress that you are someone important.

3. Carry any Hermès product you owned like t-shirt, accesories, jewelry, perfume etc to have a good impression from sales personel.

4. Be precise, straight to the point for what you want to ask for, let them know you are a hermes lover.

5. Consider Shopping While Traveling

6. There countless Birkin Bags online find your Birkin Bag at fashionphile

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