BMW M3 E92 Review

The BMW M3 E92 is one of your favorite sports vehicles if you appreciate automobiles that have a lot of vitamins. Yes, this is the one with the naturally aspirated V8 engine that produces 420 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. Without a doubt, a true diamond capable of sending sensations much beyond the norm when behind the wheel. Of course, you may believe that this automobile is beyond of reach for the common individual. That isn’t the case. Owning a unit of this model, according to the most recent episode of Road and Race, is not that pricey.


The data in the stated program is from the United Kingdom, but it demonstrates that owning an automobile like this is more accessible than you might assume. After a year, a British owner had to spend 34 pounds on coolant, 120 pounds on oil and oil filter, another 26 pounds on power steering fluid, and another ten pounds on front grille slat repair. We’re talking about a total of 180 pounds in maintenance costs for the German sports car in a year, which is over 200 euros at today’s exchange rate. Isn’t that a reasonable figure?

Obviously, this is not a three-year norm, and there will be years when the cost of maintaining a BMW M3 E92 is higher. However, the key to keeping this one from getting out of hand is to take good care of it and avoid putting it on a racetrack. The latter, in particular, is what drives up the price of commodities like brake pads and tires, among other things.

You must also consider the expense of purchasing this V8 in addition to the cost of maintaining it. According to Carscoops, in the United States, it is reasonably simple to obtain E92 vehicles with less than 100,000 miles -160,000 kilometers for around $ 25,000, which translates to 21,000 euros. Once again, this is a price that many of you could pay. You won’t be able to avoid stopping at a petrol station every few minutes, of course…

Image: autobild

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