Bugatti Billiard Table – A Limited Edition On Sale For $300,000 Each

Bugatti presented the limited edition of its pool table.


The French company specialized in luxury cars usually surprises with its Lifestyle line products. This time, Bugatti made a surprise with its new pool table, which is totally composed of carbon fiber and features luxury finishes as well as the brand’s signature accessories. It also has the dimensions and regulatory requirements of a professional tournament table.

The stunning pool table features a Billet aluminum frame that has been polished to a mirror finish. Carbon fiber has been used to cover everything, just like a luxury car. The finishes in this material were made possible owing to the expertise of IXO, a business that specializes in these types of projects.

The servo-driven leveling system on this Bugatti pool table is one of its most attractive features. As a result, it is possible to mount it on a yacht. Its legs are able to balance movement and maintain the playing field perfectly level. For increased comfort, Siemens servo drivers allow each leg to react in as little as five milliseconds to the tiniest motion, in full silence and without vibration.

This Bugatti design includes a wall cue holder and a 13-inch touch screen that displays game scores. A leather ball storage case, a chalk box, and a cleaning brush are all included. All of the cues are composed of carbon fiber. The ends have anodized aluminum couplings, which are the same as those seen in the company’s sports vehicles. The edition will be limited to 30 pieces, with a starting price of $300.000 including all accessories.


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