Cadillac Escalade 2020 American luxury SUV

Cadillac Escalade 2020 is a premium SUV from the United States.

The Cadillac Escalade, a well-known luxury SUV from General Motors, a 5.38-meter-long SUV with a nearly 2.0-meter-high roof that also comes in a long-wheelbase version (Escalade ESV) with a length of 5.77 meters.


It doesn’t scrimp on comfort or cutting-edge technology, as one might assume. We’re talking about an SUV that claims to be self-driving and has features like an AKG audio system with up to 36 speakers (the standard is ‘only’ 19) and three 38-inch OLED panels on the dashboard.

The 2020 Escalade comes standard with all three of these 4K OLED panels. The first is a 7.2-inch display to the left of the steering wheel, followed by a 14.2-inch digital instrument cluster and a 16.9-inch multimedia equipment display. But there’s more, as there are two more 12.6-inch screens for the entertainment system in the back.

There’s also an augmented reality navigation system (similar to what Mercedes-Benz offers), four video cameras (plus an interior mirror that can also offer the rear video signal), night vision system, or the so-called Super Cruise, which essentially uses a laser emitter (LiDAR), cameras, radar, and GPS to provide ‘hands-free’ highway driving.

The all-wheel-drive 2020 Escalade features a new chassis, the most notable of which is the independent rear suspension. Although the 22-inch wheels are standard across the range, it provides Magnetic Ride Control suspension (with magnetorheological shock absorbers), adaptive air suspension, and an electronic self-locking differential (eLSD) as options.

It has a naturally aspirated 6.2 V8 gasoline engine with 426 horsepower and a 3.0 turbodiesel inline six-cylinder engine with 281 horsepower under the hood. Both engines produce 623 Nm of maximum torque and are mated to a ten-speed automated transmission. For the time being, Cadillac has just stated that the car would go on sale this summer, without specifying a specific date or, of course, pricing.

Image: astonmartinsummit

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