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Carbone Interior Design AG

Inspiring designs that urge people to trust their feelings and opinions.

It is said that the best views come after the most difficult climb, and the location of Carbone Interior Design AG’s headquarters may have served as inspiration for this famous firm’s extraordinary designs.

Claudio Carbone started Carbone Interior Design AG in 2000, and it is headquartered in Wolfhalden, Switzerland, with a breathtaking view of Lake Constance. The company is now in new hands, but its founder and inspirational leader’s concept goes on: appreciate the natural environment in all of its undiluted beauty and shun the artificial and stilted, which is uninteresting and bland.

These insights aided Carbone Interior Design in establishing a reputation for providing the best in luxury design. The company is one of Europe’s most sought-after design firms, working on everything from luxury residences to five-star hotels, world-class spas to fine dining restaurants. As a result, it received the coveted title “Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Switzerland” at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021.

Carbone Interior Design AG

Although Carbone Interior Design AG’s workshop is located in an 18th-century home with a former cowshed, the location has proven to be rich and productive for developing totally contemporary designs.

Bringing up some of these projects is like taking a tour of some of Central Europe’s most important luxury locations. Carbone Interior Design AG has produced a simple yet spectacular interior design for the luxury hotel Alpenhotel Montafon and its high-end spa Alpenhotel Montafon, inspired by the majestic mountains of Montafon, Austria.

Carbone Interior Design AG’s versatile designers contributed to the luxury suites, guest rooms, and restaurants at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, and guests of the Aurora Rooftop Bar at the Andaz Hotel, Vienna, can thank Carbone Interior Design AG for the warm, cozy, and stylish atmosphere that makes it an ideal place to escape the stresses of everyday life.

Carbone Interior Design AG

Carbone Interior Design AG’s client list reads like a who’s who of Europe’s top hotels: the St. Regis Mardavall Resort in Mallorca, the Mont Cervin Palace in Zermatt, the famed Palace Lucerne, and the Marriott Hotels in Zurich, Vienna, and Berlin. Claudio Carbone once said, “Many hotels are lousy reproductions.” However, thanks to the efforts of the Carbone Interior Design AG team, these projects are far from shoddy knockoffs, showcasing the best in luxury design, style, materials, furniture, and lighting.

Carbone Interior Design, which has incorporated these beliefs from the beginning, adds, “Trust yourself and your feelings – that’s when ambiance, interior design, and architecture take shape.” Above all, Carbone Interior Design believes that every place has a mind, a body, and a soul, and it is this belief that drives the company and distinguishes it from others.

Images: Carbone Interior Design AG

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