Cartier Pasha Watch New Version

Cartier has created a new, updated version of the stunning and unusual Pasha watch. The campaign is led by a new generation of young stars from all over the world, in keeping with the times.


Cartier is known around the world for its exclusivity and for providing high-end jewelry to monarchs and the very affluent for millennia.

Cartier has always prioritized quality and unique design since its founding in Paris in 1847, and this DNA is evident in the Frenchman’s watches as well. The Pasha watch, which can be worn by both men and women, has received a new upgrade.

The watch is designed in the classic Cartier style, with the crown with the blue stone grabbing the eye in particular. This also applies to the watch’s square frame on the round dial, which is a lovely nod to the first Cartier timepieces.

The Pasha is available in a variety of steel, gold, rose gold, diamond-encrusted, and skeleton versions, so there is something for everyone and at a variety of pricing points.

The Pasha is powered by Cartier’s new 1847 MC automatic calibre, which has a 40-hour power reserve and can be seen via the sapphire crystal on the rear of the watch. The Pasha de Cartier comes in two sizes, with dials measuring 35 mm and 41 mm.


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