Celine, history of a brand that has transformed the world of fashion and luxury

Celine, the fashion and luxury brand that has changed the world.


From a children’s shoe boutique to a groundbreaking luxury brand, a symbol of minimal and refined aesthetics, and an iconic brand in the fashion luxury landscape

Céline Vipiana and her husband Richard founded a tiny boutique in Paris in 1945, near the end of WWII, offering custom-made children’s shoes tailored for French upper middle-class families.

Vipiana’s success is instant, and the company builds three other stores across the country, as well as expanding its shoe production to include leather items.

It’s the 1960s, and Celine, thanks to its founder’s foresight, has managed to establish itself as one of the great fashion houses, with its exquisite prêt-à-porter line for active and career women, as well as its unique perfume and accessory collections. The concept is simple yet effective: combine minimalism in design with stylish and sophisticated flair.

While the brand’s stores open throughout the world, establishing Celine as a luxury brand with a timeless and cool aesthetic, the French company was acquired by the illustrious LVMH group in 1996.

Celine’s history has seen a succession of outstanding creative directors, each of whom has been able to bring cult collections to life according to his own vision.

Between 1997 to 2004, the fashion house was led by American Michael Kors, but the actual turning point came in 2008, when Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVMH, presented to Phoebe Philo the artistic direction of the company with the goal of reinvigorating the brand.

Philo, who studied at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins and was previously the creative director of Chloé, takes over the maison and creates an innovative wardrobe: simple but sophisticated, in full Celine style but contemporary, more focused on the characteristics of power and independence associated with the female universe than on the idea of seduction.

As a result, the creative director reveals a new vision of womanhood that will rule the female wardrobe for at least a decade.

Freedom becomes essential, which is balanced by fluidity in shapes and fabrics, as well as comfort in models with large and larger cuts, but always with refined elegance and attention to detail.

Phobe Philo aspires to answer the demands of ladies who are looking for apparel that will meet their needs in their everyday life.

Celine becomes linked with luxury with a minimalist character thanks to the designer, without compromising femininity, which, in her vision, takes on avant-garde overtones that manifest in a simple and always utilitarian design targeted at practicality.

The Philo revolution has significant ramifications for Celine’s accessories and leather products. The attractive leather bags of the best quality, with ideal shapes, that are contained and not too bulky, and with almost architectural lines, are among them.

Each Celine bag, which comes in a limited palette of neutral tones, becomes an instant object of desire: the Luggage, Classic, and Triomphe, for example, are all true best sellers.

Hedi Slimane replaces Phoebe Philo at the top of the company created by Vipiana several years ago in January 2018. Hedi Slimane’s experience includes creative direction of Dior Homme and Yves Saint Laurent.

Slimane wants to put his stamp on things right away, so he alters the French brand’s emblem by removing the accent on the first vowel and changing it from Céaccordance to Celine, which is more social and in line with marketing trends.

The designer has ushered in a new era for the renowned fashion house, which is accompanied by the creation of new imagery that is firmly rooted in the present and projected into the future, but with strong inspirations from the past, particularly the 1970s, to which the fashion world owes so much.

The reinvention of the 16 Bag, the classic bag with padlock closing established by the designer to properly embody the aesthetics of the brand, is among the latest twists weblog Slimane.

Now, however, he offers us a new version: the Celine 16 Soft Bag, which is softer to the touch and has a less rigid form than the original, as well as a more casual design that is less structured and rigid than the original. This new launch demonstrates that Celine’s history is always changing, ready to adapt to new and more current requirements while never losing sight of the principles and aesthetic canons desired by Madame Céline and reinterpreted by her heirs from time to time.

Celine reaches 75 this year, and every fashion week, the world waits to see the maison’s new creations, to learn what the upcoming season’s trends will be, and how we should dress according to the maison that has drastically revolutionized the world of fashion and luxury in the last century.


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