Insta-famous with a closet protected by fingerprint access

A Singaporean socialite has given a whirlwind tour of her impressive walk-in wardrobe that’s so extravagant it’s even protected by fingerprint access. The video is part of a new series by Insider called Bonkers Closets, which showcases the “biggest, blingiest, boldest closets around the world.”

Jamie Chua is a stewardess of Singapore Airlines who was a wife to Indonesian millionaire. She demanded $450,000 per month in financial assistance when she separated in 2011. The extremely fashion Singapore socialite having a super high-class lifestyle.

Jamie Chua has a 700 sq . foot closet which contains her collection of more than 200 Hermès handbags and over 300 pairs of shoes and boots!

jamie chua

Her most valued property is her diamond handbag, this is a “Himalayan Crocodile Birkin” having white gold detail and 245 diamonds. It is one of the most pricey Birkin handbags in the world!

Jamie Chua really likes wedding gowns. She “doesn’t like the concept of getting married,” but Jamie Chua obviously likes wedding gowns. She dressed in a white wedding-like costume on her birthday celebration not too long ago. The standard expense of Jamie Chua’s shoes is $1,500

Source: Insta-famous socialite closet protected by fingerprint access

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