Conor McGregor’s luxury life

Conor McGregor’s luxury lifestyle

Conor McGregor, one of the highest-paid sportsmen in the world, is delighted with his riches.


Conor McGregor is well-known for his accomplishments in the UFC octagon. But he’s also known for his extravagant lifestyle, which he flaunts on his Instagram account. His professional career, investments, and sponsorships have enabled him to join the elite group of the world’s highest-paid athletes. He can afford to live like this thanks to a yearly salary of more than 180 million euros. We’ve listed what the sportsman brags about in his social media accounts below.

Conor McGregor has boasted of unusual purchases in recent years, the most recent of which is the rare Lamborghini Yacht.

Lamborghini Yacht

Instagram/NotoriousMMA / forbes

A cutting-edge powerhouse that combines sailing with supercar brilliance. Only 63 copies of this edition were produced by the Italian label. The prized specimen is notable for its quickness and dynamic lightness. It has a top speed of 60 knots, or 1112 kilometers per hour, making it the fastest Tecnomar boat in the Italian Sea Group. He is thought to have spent at least 3 million euros on this purchase.

Another item on the fighter’s list of spectacular indulgences is his diamond watch, which is of considerable curiosity.

Diamond watch

image: the-sun

Astronomie Tourbillon Baguette is its name. Jacobs & Co. is one of the most expensive pieces in the collection. It includes 324 apparent diamonds, 80 buried inside, and a white gold exterior. He paid at least 1 million euros for this one-of-a-kind creation for lucky wrists.

On the Costa del Sol, a luxurious home. Conor McGregor has purchased a hilltop property in the heart of Marbella. It offers a pool and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. There’s also a golf course, a gym, a theater, and an SPA on the premises. He paid roughly 1.5 million euros for this magnificent mansion.

conor home marbella

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“There are two things I really like to do, kick ass and go graceful,” the Irishman said after defeating Max Holloway in 2013, displaying his mentality. Because their weight fluctuates dramatically during the year owing to contests, their tailor tailors their clothes to accommodate various sizes. Conor McGregor buys 8 to 10 suits every year, mainly from Gucci, Versace, or Hermés. And it is his personal dressmaker who ensures that they are always in style.

The boxer has also stated that he aims to own the Manchester United soccer franchise. One of his businesses has already made touch with the Glalzer family, the club’s present owners. Without a doubt, the Irishman has no self-control when it comes to spending his money.

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