Dior launched Rose High Jewelry collection

Welcome to the world of fine jewelry by Dior Rose.

Romantic roses that are futuristic and haute couture. The queen of flowers is the undisputed star of Dior Rose, the French maison’s largest high jewelry line.


Planet Dior transports you to a magical world of flowers, where roses of all shapes and sizes come together to form the Dior Rose, one of the most beautiful high jewelry collections ever created. The architect of this real piece of art is Victorie de Castellane, who has been the artistic director of Dior Joaillerie for more than 20 years. A 116-piece jewelry collection produced to commemorate the refurbishment of the Hôtel Particulier on 30 Avenue Montaigne.

The structure has a significant historical significance in Paris. As a result, and in honor of its reopening following a complete renovation, the Dior jewelry brand decided to create the Dior Rose Collection as an unique tribute to it. But what is the significance of the rose?

The rose holds a special place in the maison’s imagination, especially since the figurative rose was unveiled earlier this year. However, it has been revealed that the old hotel will be revived with a rooftop garden and an art hall, where the Dior Rose jewelry will, of course, be on display.

It was easy for De Castellane to tie up some loose ends with this concept, recognizing that the most beautiful thing that can bloom in a garden are the flowers themselves. What flower is more beautiful than the rose? Planet Dior, an uncharted galaxy with 116 gems, was born in this way.

Dior Rose’s four magnificent blossoms

The Rose of Romance

romantic rose dior

A Myanmar blue sapphire parure consisting of a necklace, bracelet, ring, and earrings. Other pink sapphires and emerald-cut diamonds form exquisite petals and thorny foliage around the centerpieces. A tribute to the rose’s purest grace.

The Rose of Stained Glass

Dior Rose jewelry

The necklace’s main attraction is the transparency of its monochromatic jewels, which is inspired by historic stained glass windows. Mozambique emeralds and rubies wrap themselves around a central emerald-cut stone. Rubellite leaves complete the look of this exquisite item.

The Rose of The Future

Dior Rose jewelry

In the pieces that best capture De Castellane’s essence, vibrant colors and textures take center stage. A yellow and white gold set that includes earrings, a ring, and a necklace. The rose’s central pistil is made up of golden South Sea pearls, on which the rest of the diamonds are encrusted. A visual effect resembling the technical pixels that make up the future’s most lovely rose.

Abstract Haute Couture Rose

Dior Rose jewelry

A set of necklaces and earrings that, as the name says, portray the rose in its most abstract form. Asymmetrical pieces with the pear-cut rubies taking center stage. The inclusion of other kite-cut diamonds set with gold and yellow diamonds creates a contrast.

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