Discover the oil platform that has been converted into a high-end entertainment park.

An oil rig has been transformed into a high-end amusement park.

The world is urging us to make a concerted effort to make sustainability a way of life. Refurbishing abandoned buildings to give them a new lease on life is one of several options.


That appears to be the intention of the Saudi Arabian government with its Rig project. It’s an entertainment park and resort in the Arabian Gulf that’s built on top of an abandoned oil rig.

We’re talking about a massive theme park with over 150,000 square meters of floor space, multiple hotels with capacity for hundreds of tourists, restaurants, and even a dedicated outdoor music area.

This amusement park has the following attractions:

From Ferris wheels and roller coasters to wave pools and magnificent slides to a go-kart track, there are numerous attractions and entertainment to enjoy.

Activities involving adventure. It is also equipped to accommodate explorers who are looking for a rush of adrenaline, with skydiving, zip lines, and bungee jumping available.

Water activities are very popular. Meanwhile, water sports are another of its most appealing characteristics, with yacht trips, scuba diving or snorkeling classes, jet skis, and other activities available.

Those wishing to visit the complex can do so by private aircraft or boat, since the marina will be able to accommodate superyachts measuring 40 to 60 meters in length.

The goal is to enhance Saudi Arabia’s international tourism, which is another of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s strategies. The project is part of the Saudi Vision 2030 framework, which aims to wean the country off oil and diversify its economy.

This project has a lot riding on it: it needs to attract at least one million tourists per year and compete with other world-class locations like Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Those interested in visiting this amazing luxury amusement park will have to wait until 2025, when it opens its doors.

Other Saudi Arabian prince’s fancy projects

Although The Ring is a fantastic project, it isn’t the only one in which the crown prince has been involved:

The Red Sea Project is another high-end project with 28000 square kilometers of infrastructure scattered throughout an archipelago with multiple islands.

In 2022, an international airport will open in the middle of the desert.

Another tourism complex in Al Ula is the Journey Through Time, which will contain hotels, museums, and galleries to transform the area into a unique world destination rich in art, culture, nature, and history.


Image: hoteliermiddleeast

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