Europe’s biggest suite – Zurich Royal Residence is now open.

The Royal Residence at the Atlantis by Giardino

The Royal Residence is a 1,975-square-meter room on the top floor of the Atlantis by Giardino hotel in Zurich, created at the request of Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatar’s emir from 1972 to 1995. The emir never had the chance to live in this mansion because he died in 2016, a year before the project was completed.


This suite’s opulence and ornate décor will astound even the most discerning visitors: silk rugs, gold faucets, alabaster bidets… The Royal Residence contains eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a full kitchen, two living rooms, an oriental room, a garage with a private lift, and an 830 m2 terrace. A 24-hour butler, a private chef, a Rolls-Royce with driver, secretaries, beauticians, and even a BBQ on the terrace are available to guests staying at this property, in addition to the normal services supplied by 5 stars hotels.

This suite’s sumptuous Versailles design with oriental elements contrasts with the rest of the hotel’s sleek and modern line. In all cases, the level of service and gastronomy is at the pinnacle of any emir’s standards. Atlantis by Giardino features two Michelin-starred restaurants, Hide & Seek and Ecco Zürich, as well as a bar, a cigar lounge (with a varied selection of Havana and Davidoff cigars), a gym (located inside a bunker), a 25-meter outdoor pool, and a spa featuring Dipiù products as well as Ayurvedic treatments.

Atlantis is situated at the foot of the Üetliberg mountain, providing a panoramic view of the entire city. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why so many celebrities have chosen to stay at this iconic hotel, from Freddie Mercury to Elton John, Eric Clapton to Steve McQueen.

In addition to The Royal Residence and the hotel’s elegant suites and rooms, Atlantis by Giardino boasts another notable bedroom: the Hublot suite, which was designed in partnership with the famous watch brand and is certainly the favorite accommodation in Zurich for watch enthusiasts.

Image: Royal Residence Atlantis by Giardino

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