Gucci Garden, an exploration of the imagination

The Gucci Garden, a journey into the realms of imagination and creation.

Gucci Garden, which is housed in the former Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence, was created by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele and is dedicated to exploring the House’s varied creativity.


Gucci Garden is an interactive and animated experience named for the House’s imaginative incorporation of references to the natural world of plants, flowers, and animals, as well as its metaphorical significance. It is far more than a simple celebration of pieces from collections dating back to the House’s Florentine origins in 1921 and contemporary works.

The De Rerum Natura chambers, designed as a creative laboratory, pay homage to nature. Gucci’s love of flora and wildlife is reflected in past and present clothes, as well as silver animal statuettes from the 1950s and original works by Vittorio Accornero, who was commissioned to design the Gucci Flora print in 1966.


The house’s revisiting of Nature continues on the first floor. Chef Massimo Bottura runs the Gucci Osteria, a small restaurant on the first floor. Chef Bottura and head chef Karime Lopez have designed a menu informed by their travels, with their Osteria Francescana nestled just above the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines in the heart of Modena. “Our food interacts with everything we see, hear, and taste as we traverse the world,” Bottura explains. For a culinary experience, the menu features legendary Italian dishes as well as revisited classics.


The “GUCCIFICATION” gallery on the second floor explores the many ways the double G has been altered, from its use of historical and contemporary products to the recent cooperation with graffiti artists to the work of designers like Simon Foxton, who instilled a punk attitude in the House of Gs. Moccasins, horsebit, red/green/red/red striped ribbon, distinctive and signature house prints, and bamboo are all included in the “PARAPHERNALIA” room.


Bags, suitcases, and baggage are housed in the COSMORAMA room. The location traces the House’s beginnings as a leather goods producer for the refined and cosmopolitan tourist. The elevator boy logo is a nod to Guccio Gucci’s stint as a porter at the Savoy Hotel in London.



The CINEMA DA CAMERA, which is also on the second floor, is a small cinema with capacity for 30 people. Experimental films are available for viewing by the general audience.


The Gucci Garden Galleria, located on the second level in the DE RERUM NATURA rooms, delves into Alessandro Michele’s predilection for animal and garden iconography. The exhibition of garments, accessories, and objects demonstrates how his fascination has been fueled by the fact that these motifs have been part of Gucci’s story since the beginning and have always influenced the House’s design pendulum, which oscillates between the natural and the hyper-artificial.

Finally, the EPHEMERA chamber follows Gucci’s history from the beginning to the present day through documents, videos, memorabilia, and selected objects that compare and contrast to tell the intriguing and ever-changing Gucci tale.



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