Hermes Lindy – Review

Hermes Lindy 34 Review

The Hermes Lindy 34 is a great day-to-day traveling bag because of its size in addition to its large interior. It will get a punch to keep a large wallet, cardholders, sunglass case, cosmetics bag, keys, books, liquid bottle, or small umbrella having room to extra still.


This smooth-built bag may be used a couple of ways, based on what amount you pack the bag. If it is unfilled, it has a relaxed visual appeal and it’s excellent to hang it on your hand. If it’s fuller, make use of the shoulder strap and take it as a shoulder bag.

With its unique lock system, Hermes Lindy is unquestionably a top-drawer bag. It’s surely more refined than anything you’ve ever seen. It’s a three-turn fastening in the middle of the straps; spin it once to open a single strap, twice to open the other strap, and three times to open the front. You’ll also notice that it has rounded edges, five base studs for security, and two additional side pockets, which set it apart from other purses. Isn’t the bag a little too big for you?

It’s a no-brainer that you won’t be able to store your phone or anything else of value in the side external pockets, as they’re cramped and inconvenient. It’s possible that it was only placed up for the show. Hermes Lindy Bags are available in four sizes: 26, 30, 35, and 45. Par for the course, size 26 is the most admirable member of the family, and size 45 is the most acceptable travel bag.

When you open the Hermes Lindy, surprise, you’ll find a huge compartment for your beloved item. The interior has a leather lining and a Hermes made in France emblem above the twist lock. What more could one want for than two inside patch pockets, two external pockets, and a huge single compartment? These pockets can hold all of your cards, keys, and cash. It’s fun, playful, creative, and fashionable all at the same time.

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