Hermes Toolbox 26 vs Lindy 26

I got a lot of request to do a comparison of these 2 bags. Watch the bag reviews here: Hermes Toolbox 26 review Hermes Lindy 26 review…


Hermes Toolbox vs Hermes Lindy

Hermes toolbox is compared to a top awesome hybrid of features and design. Looking at the inside. It starts as a box having three purses for a perfectly organized things. At one section there are a pair of smaller slide wallets to take care of credit cards, keys, money and also other smaller items separated, and on another section there’s a bigger slide pocket to keep cellular phone or flat wallet secure and reliable. Even should you files a significant amount of things in your center large pocket of a 26 size, it will not become heavier.

Hermes toolbox comes in Three dimensions; 20cm, 26cm and 33cm and the biggest size is the most effective intended for traveling. Speaking about the leather, you will find 2 most well liked leathers, evercolor and swift, where an evercolor is often a soft, very good grained, shiney one.


The Hermes Lindy handbag features 2 top holders to bring it by hand, there is an alternative to switch it into a shoulder bag. And once you are in question regardless if this handbag is perfect for you or not, simply feel it and focus with your eyes over the details. It is impressive, pretty and really light to handle. Open up the handbag to see just how spacious it really is. It offers enough space to transport your notebook including your complete favorite book collection.

The Hermes Lindy handbag comes in sizes of 26, 30 and 34. And for somebody who’s 1.62 cm, the 34 could be too large and cumbersome, this also tumbles in your hip area, the 30 could be the ideal size.

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