Is Longchamp a Luxury Brand?

To be truthful, when I thought of a high fashion house, Longchamp isn’t the first name that jumps to mind. It’s not even the 2nd or 3rd place. It might be categorized as a “modern label” or a “affordable luxury,” according to others. Longchamp appears to be in a league of its own, set aside from the crowded modern bag market of today by some seemingly unexplainable aura, despite the fact that its signature bag, the Le Pliage, is actually less expensive than most of its equivalents from Coach, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade.

When it comes to the Le Pliage, it’s difficult to envision a wardrobe without at least one of these flexible carryalls, whose name literally translates to “folding.” In addition, no other brand, whether it’s Fendi or Hermès, conveys vivid ideas of just one bag as much as Longchamp’s Le Pliage has become a part of its character.


While it’s easy to believe that Longchamp only manufactures nylon totes, the truth is that Longchamp has a bevy of exquisite all-leather bags that its devotees can’t get enough of!

Even though Tina Craig of BagSnob told the now-defunct Racked that all Longchamp bags except the Le Pliage are mere “publicity stunts,” I’m here to disapprove, and take you on a journey of the legendary French house’s lust-worthy array of handbags that will make you stop in your tracks and begin obsessing right now! So relax, load up your shopping apps, and prepare to enter the Longchamp racecourse.

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