Louis Vuitton La Collection des Extraits – A new fragrance collection

Louis Vuitton La Collection des Extraits: A new fragrance collection from Louis Vuitton is set to launch in the fall of 2021.

The Collection des Extraits is a hymn to freedom, bringing together five new Louis Vuitton perfumes for a purely natural summer.


Louis Vuitton has unveiled a line of five scents without a top note, heart note, or base note for this summer, following his triumphant comeback to the world of perfumery and the signing of “Etoile Filante” and, more recently, “On The Beach.”

The collection, which is intended and inspired by a “hymn to freedom, absolute movement, and the breath inspired by life itself and by nature in perpetual metamorphosis,” is once again the result of master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud’s work, who sought to create imbalances that could eventually become equilibrium.

By adopting Marc Newson’s model and refining the lines and curves, Frank Gehry, considered one of the greatest living masters of architecture, has imagined a bottle here.

He seals the flacon with an airy, hand-polished cap with an LV seal inside, crumpling a sheet of metal like a fabric. The architect envisaged a perfume bottle holder with rounded, fluid, airy contours, in keeping with the House’s iconic beauty kits and trunks. Frank Gehry gives this travel object the appearance of a nomadic play stage by twisting the basic casing.

Five scores have been revealed: Dancing Blossom, Cosmic Cloud, Rhapsody, Symphony, and Stellar Times, with the following descriptions:

Dancing Blossom is a “cascade of flowers” made up of jasmine sambac, May rose, osmanthus, and Indian tuberose.

The chocolatey bursts of Venezuelan Tonka bean, patchouli, cyprus, oakmoss, and bergamot punctuate Cosmic Cloud, a journey to the unknown, touched by the caress of musk and punctuated by the chocolatey bursts of Venezuelan Tonka bean, patchouli, cyprus, oakmoss, and bergamot.

From Grandi florum jasmine to patchouli, via May rose and chypre, Rhapsody is a sensation of brightness offered by flowers.

The everlasting delight of total light, the bright vibration of islands beneath the breeze, the sweet piquancy of fresh ginger zest in a cocktail of bergamot, grapefruit, and red fruits combine in Symphony, a sensory plunge.

Stellar Times takes you on a subliminal voyage back in time to the beauty of storybook temples, mosaic-encrusted gardens, and magnificent fountains. Orange bloom mingles with vegetal amber and Peruvian balsam’s leathery undertones. It will be available from October 7, 2021

Image: louis Vuitton

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