Louis Vuitton Neonoe VS Speedy 30 Review

Louis Vuitton Neonoe VS Speedy

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↓↓↓** Pros and Cons of each**↓↓↓
Pros: Big mouth, Accessibility, Thick canvas(durability)
Cons: Lack of top handle and closure, Capacity
= good as a shoulder bag ( not that easy as a top-handle or cross-body)
*Speedy 30 (+ Speedy B 30)*
Pros: Capacity(holds more), Zipper closure, Sturdy handles, Versatility(Speedy B)
Cons: Small mouth, Thin canvas, Quite big to be a shoulder/cross-body
= Size 30 is better as a top-handle bag (than as a shoulder/cross-body)


→ LV Neonoe is a good shoulder bag and Speedy 30 is a good tote bag. (I even used the Speedy B 30 mostly as a top-handle bag, too)

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