Louis Vuitton’s Wave Chain Bag

Louis Vuitton’s New Wave Chain Bag Gets a Makeover

The New Wave Chain bag was introduced by Louis Vuitton three years ago, and it became an instant popularity, appearing in the arms of influencers and celebrities alike. While the bags didn’t have the logo frenzy associated with early 2000s fashion, they did have a charming, goofy rainbow logo on the bag’s strap.


The rainbow symbol, while a much more modest execution of early 2000s style, is nevertheless reminiscent of LV’s past appearance, and it was nearly impossible not to feel like we were being transported back in time for those who had followed the company for years. The opinions were divided, with some people despising the bag and its unique shape, while others adored it and wanted to add it to their collections. Today we’re bringing you an update, and those who were turned off by the bag’s odd shape will be pleased to know that the New Wave Chain Bag has been given a makeover.

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