Mercedes AMG ONE Super sports car

Mercedes-AMG blurs the boundaries between Formula 1 and hybrid supercars.

The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE concept car aims to blur the line between Formula 1 and commercial hypercars.


This two-seater super sports car, which was unveiled for the first time at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (IAA), is a first for Mercedes: as the undisputed leader in the manufacturer’s ranking in the premier car category, the company is for the first time incorporating Formula 1 hybrid technology into a vehicle intended for the general public.

Mercedes AMG ONE

The engine, which produces 1,000 horsepower and has a top speed of nearly 350 km/h, is the culmination of years of research and development by Mercedes-AMG High-Performance Powertrains in Brixworth. The engine block is thus made up of a highly integrated and intelligently interconnected unit that includes a turbo hybrid combustion engine (1.6L V6) and four electric motors: one is integrated into the turbocharger, another is located directly on top of the combustion engine and is connected to the crankshaft, and two others drive the front wheels. As a result, the vehicle was capable of reaching 11,000 rpm “without forcing,” an almost unheard-of speed for a “traditional” road vehicle.

“Motorsport is not an end in itself for us.” In a high-stakes environment, we’re exploring technology that will eventually assist our production vehicles. In the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, we are transferring Formula 1 technology to the road for the first time, drawing on the experiences and triumphs of three manufacturers and drivers from across the world. Chairman of the Board of Management of AG and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Dieter Zetsche.

0 to 200 km/h in under 6 seconds, electrical energy recovery during braking, instantaneous thermal/electrical switchover, and an 8-speed manual gearbox with hydraulic control… Everything is being done to blur the line between F1 and a road-legal vehicle. Outside of races and athletic events, the car is planned to be the first of a long succession of vehicles using the same technologies.

A total of 2.275 million euros will be required to purchase one of the 275 automobiles now under production (and 500,000 euros as a deposit). View photos of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE in the gallery below.

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