Miami: Discovery of an exceptional property with Balinese inspiration

Miami: An outstanding villa with Balinese inspiration has been discovered.

This mansion, designed by Allen Saunders Design, is a temple for all lovers of open spaces and art. This New York family wanted the design studio to construct a comfortable home with a timeless modern aesthetic and contemporary Balinese-inspired architecture after relocating to one of the most attractive towns on the West Coast of the United States.


The entryway is a fantastic example of the original brief: it was designed to escape the trap of clutter and visual overload by combining organic elements. A balance of tones is accomplished here, providing the family with the needed peace.

The inside is inextricably linked to the environment, with glass walls that allow the residence to be bathed in the light and climate of Miami. The lounge chairs and many notable furnishings, such as the Zalszupin chairs, the Rosanna brass coffee table by Erwan Boulloud – one of eight in the world – and Lindsey Adelman Knotty sconces, contribute to the almost tropical atmosphere.

Meanwhile, a glass fireplace situated atop a piece of wood rescued from a former Seattle marine warehouse divides the dining room from the rest of the area. “A fireplace isn’t necessary in Florida, but they liked the notion of having that glow. They can turn it on if they’re entertaining at night.” Sanders. The kitchen, too, is well-equipped, with four ovens, three dishwashers, three sinks, and computerized wine cellars…

If it is abundantly composed of it, the house can stand alone as a true work of art, as you can see in the photo collection below.


Image: allensaunders

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