Patek Philippe Aquanaut & Aquanaut Luce New Models

A new ladies’ travel watch has been added to the Patek Philippe Aquanaut & Aquanaut Luce collection.

Patek Philippe is reviving the design of the Aquanaut with a brand new edition for women after 15 years of success.


Aquanaut Luce

The new Aquanaut from Phillipe Patek takes up what made this famous model so successful: a sleek and casual style, with an increased diameter (38.8mm) and a new integrated bracelet in a composite material that combines flexibility, comfort, and pleasing touch. The watch is available in steel or rose gold, with a variety of dial and strap colors, and a new Aquanaut Luce variant for frequent travelers with a quartz Travel Time movement.

The Aquanaut has become one of the brand’s greatest successes with women over the past 15 years, appealing to a public of connoisseurs and lovers of luxury watchmaking and meeting a number of criteria that have become more pronounced, such as the desire to have a model designed for travel and long journeys.

The next generation Aquanaut Luce also comes with a unique dual time zone Travel Time mechanism, which is currently available on one of the men’s Aquanaut models and consists of two pushers on the left side of the casing for changing the local time.

However, in order to keep the Aquanaut Luce’s elegance and finesse, the Manufacture has reimagined this vital and simple function by introducing two innovations: a new dual time zone quartz movement combined with a discreet and practical setting system via the crown.

This required the addition of a second-time zone mechanism to the electronic movement, similar to those found on all Patek Philippe watches with Universal Time or Travel Time functions, but regulated here by a “slide pinion” rather than pushers. The new quartz caliber is finished with the same meticulous attention to detail as the company’s mechanical movements.

The Aquanaut Chronograph is available in midnight blue or khaki green in white gold for the first time in the men’s collection. It will become the ideal companion for all your activities, on land or at sea, with its 42.2mm case and water resistance to 120 meters. In the photo gallery below, you can see the latest models that have been added to Philippe Patek’s Aquanaut collection.


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