Skeleton Concept watchmaking joins the world of high-level sport

Skeleton watchmaking elegance joins the world of high-level sport

Skeleton Concept, a French haute horlogerie brand, has just launched “The Antonio Brown Concept,” a watch created in collaboration with the titular NFL player.


After the Matuidi edition, a one-of-a-kind Rolex GMT Master-II created by the French soccer player, Skeleton Concept is working on a new partnership with another athlete, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ wide receiver (National Football League). He is well known for winning Super Bowl LV 2020 against the Kansas City Chiefs, and he is currently customizing another Rolex, the Submariner “HULK” 116610LV.

The watchmaking complexity of this remarkable timepiece was highlighted here, emphasizing the movement’s expressiveness while making the watch more distinct, more alive, and more aggressive. Antonio Brown desired a HULK model that was robust, powerful, and virile while yet being thin and elegant once on the wrist.

A lengthy and painstaking customization process that lasted nearly a year to complete. The skeletonized movement was first given a two-tone anthracite steel rhodium coating, and the master watchmakers used contrasts to emphasize the volume of the timepiece by highlighting the lines of the movement, the bezel, the hour markers, and the oscillating weight in bright orange, as well as the white lines. The contrast created by the skeletonization and color choice (Green or Orange) provides this design a sculpted appearance with the most attractive result.

This graphically elaborate concept benefits from a “sunny” style that reflects light and adds smoothness and polish. The horns and (central) buckle of the timepiece are sandblasted at a 45° angle, and the sides of the watch and its bracelet are satin-finished to mattify the appearance while enhancing the “extremely fine watchmaking” feature of this one-of-a-kind model. Skeleton Concept, like the “Matuidi Concept,” has added luminescent intra-ceramic carvings to the dial glass. The watch is signed “A.B 81” – for the NFL player’s initials and jersey number – and shows additional facets when darkness falls. Skeleton Concept also highlighted the numerals 7 and 10, which correlate to Brown’s birth date, etched on the dial (July 10, 1988).

“I’m honored to be a part of the Skeleton Concept team. This clock is the result of meticulous craftsmanship. Skeleton Concept’s expert watchmakers were able to respond to my instructions and flawlessly interpret my wishes for this model, regardless of how long it took to accomplish such a wonderful product that perfectly symbolizes me. The model has finally lived up to its moniker of “Hulk,” and I’m happy to be associated with it.” Brown, Antonio. The Antonio Brown Concept is limited to only 55 pieces.


Image: hauteliving

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