Sneakers for summer, the trends of next season

Next season’s trends in sneakers for summer

Summer brings with it a desire for renewal and comfort; to do so without losing style, here is a list of the top summer sneakers on the market.


The desire to start exercising again has burst with the approach of summer and the end of the lockdown period, both to get back in shape after too many food experiments and for the pleasure of being outside and wandering in freedom.

It is, without a doubt, the ideal time to refresh your wardrobe and equip yourself in the best possible way to be prepared for lengthy walks while also staying current with the latest fashion trends in comfortable and fashionable women’s shoes.

Let’s put our old sneakers away and replace them with attractive footwear that will help us get through this trying time with grace and a sense of fun. To reclaim control of your life, it may be beneficial to begin caring more about their appearance and then approach the world of fashion to choose the model of shoe best suited to their demands and personal preferences.

The safest way to shop is still on the internet, which allows you to avoid using disinfectant and disposable gloves, which are now required to enter stores. fashionphile, a premium clothes and accessory retailer, is a wonderful example of an online store where you can discover all of the major fashion labels.

Givenchy sneakers in a candid white, neutral and flexible color, embossed with the gold insignia on the heel, may thus be identified among the large panorama of summer 2020 shoes. Perfect for people who value simplicity and refinement, as well as shoes that can be worn on any occasion. Saint Laurent shoes, which blend white leather and traditional shapes with a metallic star embellishment, create a modern and classy look.

The 2020 white sneakers have an undeniable allure and are available in a variety of styles, including the Gucci sneakers, which are distinguished by a gold bee embroidered laterally on red and green stripes and snakeskin details in red on one shoe and green on the other, all in the name of a chic and unique spirit. Balenciaga is a popular fashion brand that creates sneakers with clean, distinctive lines. The Speed model features sock-style shoes with 3D technical fabric and a white and pink flexible sole: a focus on utility and refinement in both materials and design.

Off-shoes, White’s which are available in black and white suede with the signature arrow-shaped logo on the side and a strong character with a metropolitan style for the spring summer 2020 collection, are another viable alternative.

This roundup comes to a close with bright and festive sneakers like the Diamond Jimmy Choo, which was designed to dazzle with its glittery upper and gold platform sole.

Shoes that shimmer with every step and may turn even an ordinary walk into something special. Different styles are brought together by well-known brands that know how to harmonize innovative energy, attention to detail, and historical references to allow us to wear high-quality, suggestion-filled products that are ideal for accompanying our initial steps toward rebirth and restored well-being.

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