Tabayer introspective approach


a photo of a colourful stone on the sand from Lina Scheynius photo-essay for Tabayer jewelry Tabayer jewellery

Credit: Lina Scheynius

Before launching the collection, Tabayer takes an introspective approach.

Tabayer, a fine jewelry business, has launched a photo essay in advance of its upcoming collection debut in the fall of this year. Lina Scheynius, a London-based designer, captured a series of photos that properly illustrate the brand’s focus on protection iconography.

Tabayer founder Nigora Tokhtabayeva’s future collection will be inspired by the concept of talismans. Tokhtabayeva had time to contemplate on the influence of mankind on the planet during the pandemic, so items from the new collection will be made only from environmentally and morally conscientious materials…



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