The Hilton Molino Stucky Venice – The Presidential Suite Of Dreams

The Presidential Suite at the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice is a dream!

The Molino Stucky Venice, a superb Hilton Venetian hotel, is unquestionably a symbol of luxury and grandeur, towering over the Giudecca island and the canal that bears its name. The Presidential Suite, higher up on the tower that overlooks the Doges’ city, is the most sophisticated and elegant, but most importantly, the most exclusive jewel in the crown.


the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice

A true hotel room in which modern elegance reigns supreme, the result of a significant restyling by the hotel’s management to make the Suite, which symbolizes the hotel’s highest level of luxury, even more valuable. The new concept was conceived by architect Biagio Forino, who directed the restyling, and began with an assessment of the intervention’s aesthetic influence on a hotel with a history and a unique backdrop such as the Molino Stucky.

The hotel’s director, Antonello De Medici, also wants to emphasize the high quality of service, which cannot be compared to the high aesthetics and functionality: “A dedicated Team for personalized service to guests, whether for private stays, exclusive events, or high-end and luxury product presentations, is an essential component for a unique experience in an unforgettable setting.

The Presidential Suite Venice

The Hilton Molino Stucky service strategy is built on attention to detail, with employees capable of not only fulfilling the needs of a demanding clientele, but also of providing an experience in Venice based on cultural discovery, food and wine, high craftsmanship, or naturalistic scenery “..

The Presidential Suite is reached through a private elevator that requires the use of a key card. You arrive on the top floor of the Molino Stucky Venice in a matter of seconds and immediately feel enveloped in an ethereal ambiance.

The Presidential Suite

300 square meters of unique emotions for those fortunate enough to have access, including a commanding view of the magnificent Venice as if suspended in time, between the modernism of the furnishings and the historicity of the décor and details.Two beautiful bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom and breathtaking views (the master bedroom has a view of the Giudecca canal), greet visitors and provide all the comfort they could want. The walk-in closet is quite stylish and allows you to store a lot of clothes.

The living space is preceded by a spectacular dining room with views of the lagoon, while a little kitchen with everything is set up on the opposite side, hidden as if it were a secret corridor.

The living space, which is three steps up, is the centerpiece of the Presidential Suite. The watchword is extreme luxury, but the light that floods the living room as it enters through the enormous windows, highlighting even more the light colors of the furnishings as well as the walls, the Murano glass by Vetreria Venier and the accessories by Calegaro, is what dominates among the splendid designer sofas and accessories that seem to have been created to be placed only in this room.

The Presidential Suite

After a long day of inactivity, the Presidential Suite has a dedicated wellness space with a tiny gym, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna. That’s not all, though. In reality, a door leads straight to the hotel’s lovely swimming pool on the roof. A spiral staircase, once again encased in glass, leads to the hotel’s highest point, the tower, from which one may enjoy a spectacular view.

Images: Hilton

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