Why is Hermes So Expensive

Why is Hermes So Expensive

Hermes Birkin bags are ridiculously expensive. Such luxury bag will cost a lot of money, and it comes down to reality that not everyone can afford one. The most expensive Hermes bag was auction sold for $379,261. That is a big money for a bag which is the price of moderate house in Los Angeles..


But you’re still wondering why these Birkin bags are so excessively priced.
There are many of explanations for this, and we’ll go through them right now.

Hermes handbags are pricey because:

They’re usually made of rare leathers, but we’re talking about some of the finest leathers on the that exist on Earth.
You should be confident that a bag like this, which starts at $12k, is not made of ordinary leather.

Hermes bags are normally made of calf leather, alligator or big lizard. They use high-end skins such as crocodile, ostrich, goat etc.

These are all extremely costly, particularly because killing these animals is strictly illegal in many countries. When you consider all of the other features of a Hermes bag, it’s easy to see why they’re so expensive.

Precious metals are used in the construction of bag hardware.

Locks, buckles, and keys on a Hermes handbag are palladium or gold-plated.
Palladium was still more valuable than platinum. Palladium and platinum are also highly rare metals.
Gold is now too common, but it is still costly. The use of rare metals in the hardware has caused the price of a Hermes bag to spike once more.

They are decorated with diamonds.

Diamonds are normally optional, but they can be added to a bag if anyone wants a one-of-a-kind Hermes. Some of them could already have them. We all know that diamonds are also very expensive.

Hermes bags are all handcrafted with a special form of stitching that dates back over centuries in France.
From top to bottom, the bag is meticulously sewn, polished, and finished by hand. One of the reasons these bags are so expensive is that they are handmade, according to Hermes. To create them, high-end artistry and dedication to excellence are needed.

In certain ways, you might call the method of creating these bags an artwork. There are no other Hermes bag manufacturers in the globe. To some degree, this explains the company’s popularity and the vast sums of money it has amassed since its birth.

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