Widmer Wohnen Luxury Interior Design

Widmer Wohnen Absolutely amazing original interior design

There are some events that simply cannot be missed. When Widmer Wohnen, for example, opens the doors to one of its most recent projects and provides insights into outstanding interior design. If you haven’t yet learned more about the renowned Swiss interior design firm, you will after seeing these rooms that this is where innovative things succeed. The professional team reaches an unrivaled level of state-of-the-art excellence and redefines individuality.


Widmer Wohnen

Widmer’s house professionals combine the skills of strategists, artists, planners, creatives, artisans, and technicians. They do not perform in accordance with the customer satisfaction norm; instead, they strive to greatly beyond the client’s expectations. The handpicked materials, unusual concepts, inventive never-before-seen combinations, and fascinating contrasts reveal how this may be done. After a particular process, brushed oak is overlaid in gold leaf or copper to decorate walls, niches, or fronts. A table made completely of bronze is manufactured to the customer’s specifications and becomes a focal point in the vast living area. A rough Jurassic Coast stone wall stretches the length of the room, its antique aspect perfectly complementing the incorporated fireplace. The freestanding copper bathtub features a Dornbracht faucet.

In the suite master bath, the antique finish faucet shines as both a startling eye-catcher and a purposeful stylistic break; a delicate touch of antiquity in an otherwise contemporary, elegant atmosphere. Leather joins wood and stone in the triad of natural materials: the bedside tables, which are also an exclusive Widmer Wohnen creation, are upholstered in the finest saddle leather.

Widmer Wohnen Luxury Interior Design

In the interior design of all rooms, nature takes center stage. It gives off warmth and a positive vibe. Fresh accents in blue of various nuances, which can be seen everywhere and are basically the common thread in the whole, are both harmonious and bold. The La Cornue kitchen, in particular, makes a statement: the turquoise fronts of the island radiate Mediterranean lightness under the forged iron extractor hood, a successful contrast to the ancient black wood-burning stove and the New Palmira. The counters and walls are made of black granite. Widmer Wohnen’s ethos is to think beyond the box, to be visionary, and to try new things.

Recognizable in bold designs and cutting-edge processing techniques, such as when a granite block with a coarsely cracked crust appears as a bathroom wall covering or cover. When washbasins are cut out of solid blocks and have leather surfaces on the interior that have a delicate structure that resembles the feel of leather. Or when a haphazardly put mosaic stone meets a straight-lined oak border. At the pinnacle of stylistic freedom.

Widmer Wohnen Luxury Interior Design

Just when you think nothing else can be done, another really well-designed and unusual area appears. In the room conceptions of Widmer Wohnen, one discovers unprecedented facets that inspire, captivate, and excite, true to the motto “There is no such thing as can’t.” Fabrics and textures, haptics and colors, interiors, lighting, and accessories – everything follows the holistically conceived philosophy that takes the customer’s demands, thinks them through, and takes them to the next level, as is so often the case. High-precision planning, distinctive custom-made items, and first-rate workmanship are all included.

Comfort knows no bounds: the sauna and exercise landscape, the wine cellar, the bar, or even an airplane as a bed is all welcome. Despite the thrilling variety of materials and shapes, the oneness is preserved, and each room’s harmony is unbreakable. The epitome of originality is the coexistence of puristic elegance, inviting comfort, and visionary extravagance. The Widmer Wohnen competency team was hard at work, which isn’t surprising.

Image: widmer-wohnen.ch

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